Wedding Dress Manchester

Our firm is based in Manchester and are able to carry out perfect repairs and alterations to all forms of clothing, even intricate wedding dresses.

Your wedding day is special and so is your dress. If you have a gown that looks good but does not fit well or needs a little re-modelling, we are here to help. An event such as your wedding means that nothing can be left to chance. For this reason, we are here to make any alterations and adjustments to all types and styles of wedding dresses.

Minor and major changes

We want you to feel confident when you leave your precious wedding dress with us and that is what we assure all customers of.

Not only do we have many years’ experience of working with wedding dresses but we understand that a gown like this needs to be treated in a very special and gentle way. That is why we are totally accommodating of each and every one of your requirement whilst at the same time taking time, patience and a caring approach that means your dress will be returned to you just as you left it, only with the improvements made.

Working with the whole wedding troupe

As well as applying our very special magic to your wedding dress re-working and re-fitting, we can help the rest of the bridal family too.

If your bridesmaids, best man, maid of honour, father and mother of the bride or of the groom need help, let us attend to them too! We are used to working on bulk projects so whether it is just one wedding dress or a whole regime of wedding attire that we need to attend to, nothing is too much trouble or too complicated.



Every bride is special

Each and every bride is unique and special in her own way, and that is why we treat each order accordingly.

Just as no two bridal gowns are the same, neither is the work that needs to be carried out. Whether you need intricate re-work or just a few amendments to the fit to make your dress look amazing, we are here to help. The current fashion for vintage dresses is also something that we can work with. If you have an older dress that you want re-modelling in time for your wedding, all you have to do is tell us the look you want and we will do the rest.



Make your dress unique

When you purchase your wedding gown, you may have in your head an idea of how you want it to look, so don’t feel disappointed if the dress you purchase is not quite as it should be.

Here we can help with adding embellishments, refinements and tweaking the design to give a truly unique gown that will reflect your personality and the way you want to look.

If you have a wedding date in the diary give us a call now to get your dress firmly planned into our schedule. We make average wedding gowns looks out of this world!


Professional mend and re-style

why should you choose us?

As well as exemplary and outstanding service, we work to exacting standards with regard to everything that we do. Our finished items say it all; with everything so perfectly matched and with the stitching so expertly carried out, you will find it hard to detect the repairs or alterations that have been made once the final result is unveiled.