Mens Clothing Alterations

As a Manchester based business specialising in carrying out alterations and repairs to men’s clothing, we are here to help with all types of garments. Re-styles, adjustments and re-fits can all be accommodated by the hands-on services offered by our top-notch professional team. Attention to detail is incorporated into all that we do. Whether you have just one item or a whole wardrobe full, we can accommodate suits, jackets, jeans, trousers and literally any items that require repairs or alterations.


Why we excel in what we do:

Our results are always outstanding because we apply an equal amount of time, effort and commitment to every project that we attend to.

By listening carefully to your brief, measuring you precisely and carrying out fittings as needed throughout the process, abounding success is always guaranteed.

We can make garments larger, smaller, slimline or fuller depending on the look you want and the fit that you prefer. If slim leg trousers are in fashion or you simply prefer them, we can take your wider leg trousers and give them the cut that flatters, adjusting the leg as necessary. Even heavy items like wool, suede and leather can be re-modelled and re-fitted to achieve your desired result.


Don’t throw them away; older clothes are here to stay!

Whether it is your favourite jeans that need tapering or adjusting in size, or maybe you have lost the button, rivets or a fastening; we can repair and adjust them.

Yes, older clothes can be made to last. If the fabric is still in good shape and the wear not too heavy, it is no problem for us to adjust and renovate. It makes good sense after all – why get rid of expensive designer jeans just because they have a small tear, need a repair or need to be re-styled to fit well? By allowing experts like us to work on your clothing, you are guaranteed a great result and will be saving time and money in the long run.

It’s risky making delicate alterations and amendments to your clothes if you have never done it before. Why take the chance or ruining what was once an expensive item by trying to adjust it when we can do the job for you professionally and affordably?


All garments qualify for our service

Whether you have business suits, jackets, overcoats or something else requiring repairs or invisible mending, we can assist every time.

We can also re-model to bring the style up to date and work on the fabric to increase or decrease the size to fit you perfectly every time.

Get in touch now to get your wardrobe of clothes attended to by the experts!  Don’t put off those repairs and alterations any longer.



Professional mend and re-style

why should you choose us?

As well as exemplary and outstanding service, we work to exacting standards with regard to everything that we do. Our finished items say it all; with everything so perfectly matched and with the stitching so expertly carried out, you will find it hard to detect the repairs or alterations that have been made once the final result is unveiled.