Ladies Clothing Alterations

As professionals working within this sector, we have a rich heritage of preparing major re-styles, standard repairs and general alterations to all types of ladies clothing. Dresses, frocks, suits, skirts, trousers; all can benefit from our in-house service which can give them a makeover second to none.

Get the fit that looks great

Ladies living within the Manchester area are onto a good thing! They have discovered our talent for carrying out clothing repairs and alterations!

If you have items in your wardrobe that no longer fit as they should; maybe they are too big now due to weight loss, or getting a little tight as the years pass, we can turn the clock back. Don’t throw away or bin your most loved outfits when just a little bit of time and effort from us can make them wearable again and looking great.

Like many things in life clothing benefits when it is looked after and maintained in tip-top condition. Our ability to work on a myriad of clothing styles and materials enables us to turn clothes that have been lingering on the side-lines into mainstays of your wardrobe once again.

Nothing escapes our area of expertise

Whether you are looking for changes to be made to dresses, jackets, trousers, jeans or skirts and tops, all you need to do is simply bring them to us.

Our highly trained and skilled team will show you how once-expensive garments can be refreshed and given a new lease of life with a few carefully placed stitches in the right place.

Detailed tailoring makes all the difference. Clothes that fit exactly, hang and drape as they should and look elegant can make a world of difference to how you look. If you have trousers that need the legs tapering, coats that need a tweak or two to bring them in line with current fashion trends or even leather or suede items that need adjusting, we can do it all.

Out with the old and in with the new

Make your old clothes look like new! You will be amazed to see how garments made from good cloth can be re-modelled and re-styled to give a brand new look.

Why waste money on replacing good quality items in your wardrobe when we can make adjustments for you easily, quickly and inexpensively? Give us a call now and find out all about the services available in Manchester as professionals in the field of clothing repairs and alterations.


Professional mend and re-style

why should you choose us?

As well as exemplary and outstanding service, we work to exacting standards with regard to everything that we do. Our finished items say it all; with everything so perfectly matched and with the stitching so expertly carried out, you will find it hard to detect the repairs or alterations that have been made once the final result is unveiled.